Then and Now


Then and now! While going through some open tabs on my iPhone, I came across a post, I had forgotten about, How to Edit a Long Exposure Seascape.

Last Summer (2018), I began playing with long exposure for the first time. I had purchased ND filters, both GND (Graduated Neutral Desnsity) and ND (Neutral Densitiy). If you are not familiar with using filters, start here: Beginners Guide to Buying Filters.

Lets take a look at the original image (8/30/2018):


First edit (8/30/2018):

disclaimer: same location/same day, but is not the same image.

Last edit (6/01/2018):DPS-LongExpPractice-2

It’s really amazing to be able to look back as see where you were at and how far one has come. There is nothing wrong with the edit from last summer, but I also didn’t know about about the many tools in Adobe Lightroom. So, I just played with the exposure, highlights, shadows and maybe a little saturation. In the latest edit, I began to understand how to use the Color Temp. adjustment, Clarity, and Sharpening.

There are many ways photography can be approached. There are the purist, whom insist on everything being as true to real life as possible; Those who prefer to add a list Pop, in the post processing to add mood; and contrast and at the extreme other end you can find those digital artists that create surreal phantasy world through digital art and everything in between.

Play, Experiment, Learn, develop the skills and understanding to bring your vision to you’re art. As always, thanks fro stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment.

Keeping Going Forward




Life is not without its challenges. Every week seems to be a battle just to create one new image. One would think, one Image, Ha! That’s easy!

Weather, Time,  and Light, all factors in photography!

No matter what obstacles may lay in your path, do not let them distract you from your desired destination. Forge ahead, keep a steady pace and you’ll reach that destination.

Looking back on the month of May;  It seemed like the rain just didn’t stop.

Audaces fortuna iuvat: Fortune Favors the Bold

“Audaces fortuna iuvat”, a Latin phrase meaning: Fortune Favors the Bold.

Step out of your Comfort Zone. Since the days I formally studied the art of photography ; I always admired beautiful portraits and the use of artificial lighting to add depth to an image. Like many photographers and artists a like, being very shy when it comes to asking people to step in front of my lens, I always took the path of least resistance and photographed inanimate object; architecture, landscapes, etc.

This series of portraits did not incorporate an artificial light source, however I did step outside of my comfort zone. So, if there is something out there that has been calling at you from within, be bold, accept the challenge and overcome resistance. Resistance will always be there giving you all the irrational reasons why you shouldn’t and that is all the more reason why you should, accept the challenge and you will be rewarded.

A special thanks to Shelby L.

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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield,

Camera: Nikon D200

Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.8