E.O. (Early Out) from work, 45-60mins from home… “Micro Road Adventure” a.k.a alternate unknown route home. Set the GPS for a general guide in the direction of home, and started forward; watching the intensity and  direction of Light. Following Rt113 North, crossing the state line between N.H. and Maine several times; I found myself at the south entrance of the White Mountain National Forest, well a portion of it anyway. Just before that, is where this photo was taken, N. Chatham, NH. Upon entering the National Forest, I passed a historical building that I recognized, I had been here before only that time, I had entered from the North. Now aware of my general geographical location. I headed further north excited about what lay ahead, the skies being dramatic and views of white dusted mountain tops…; only to find the pass closed at higher elevations due to SNOW! With less than a 1/4 of a tank of gas, I was forced to turn around, the question now, “Will I run out of gas before I make it home…?”

First Snow of 2018:

Sunday_River_1stSNOW_10182018Thursday October 18th, I awoke to find the neighborhood covered in a dusting of white. Frost and freezing temps had been mentioned in the forecast, but not snow. So, having repaired the drone the night before; I packed The Drone and took a drive to Sunday River in Newry, ME.

Friday, October 19th, Sunday River opened at 10AM for the 2018/19 season.

The Drone Saga continues:

Thursday: October 4th around 6:30PM, The Drone went M.I.A., when the remote lost signal with the aircraft.

Saturday, October 6th. The Drone had been found and posted to the local Swap & Sell on Facebook, looking for its original owner.

The Drone now recovered, was in need of a new compass before it would fly again.

Why the back story of The Drone? The very day after repairs were made to the The Drone and having taken the above photo at Sunday River, The Drone had another incident. During a test flight a gust of wind, took The Drone straight into a tree in the front yard. It came crashing down and broke the gimbal/camera. Once again, The Drone is grounded.